Work I Like

The Burnt City - Punchdrunk

Punchdrunk are back after 8 years! I’ve generally stopped writing about other immersive / interactive experiences that I’ve participated in. It’s hard enough to find time to write about my own projects! However, I absolutely have to make an exception for ‘The Burnt City’! I’ve been 3 times. Once to a preview and twice once it was officially open. We’re incredibly fortunate in the UK to have the world leaders in large-scale immersive performance, Punchdrunk and even more fortunate that they finally have a new show: The Burnt City.

Tomorrow by Elmgreen and Dragset

Recently opened at the V and A Museum, Elmgreen and Dragset’s Tomorrow is an unrealised film script set in a fake London Apartment. It tells the story of Norman Swann, an elderly failed architect who is on the verge of bankruptcy and having to sell his inherited Kensington apartment in order to survive. On arriving in the Hallway of his apartment you find a pile of abandoned books, which contain the script to this unrealised film.