Build Your Own

Create your account & a new Museum Tour

This is the most basic account ever. You just need an email and password (it doesn’t even need to be a real email account).  Please read the T&Cs – they are very basic but I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Upload Your Content

Maybe start with a small batch of 1-5 photos. Ideally these should be less than 2MB each.

Edit Content & Generate Audio

Laptop Demo


Improve the Descriptions and even add YouTube videos with Markdown

Speed up adding content – alter filenames


Create your own visual marker

The most basic of these is a post-it note – but it would be better to also have a QR code.

Add NFC tags?

For now see the NFC Museums Guide tutorial for some NFC basics. There’s also more explanation in the Babbling Beasts tutorial as that also uses NFC.