Is there a live workshop version of this tutorial?

Not yet, but there absolutely could be.

You may already be aware that I run in-person workshops based on the materials on this website and more besides.  These can last anywhere from a 40minute tutorial at a conference all the way up to 3-5 day training sessions either delivered continuously or spread over several months.

As someone with 10+ years of academic teaching – working with groups in-person is something that I particularly enjoy doing and see as an important part of my overall work.  It’s very satisfying to work on short-term very practical projects and help people who are entirely new to a subject build something they can use with visitors in a short space of time.  Hopefully, it kick-starts a whole new way of working for them.

How many attendees could there be?

The maximum attendance for workshops is usually 12-15 groups with 2-3 people per group.  This allows some time to work with everyone in the room.  In this case attendees should bring their own equipment.

For smaller sessions of 5 groups or less I can bring the necessary equipment.

When could this take place?

As it currently stands we’re waiting for the government to release some kind of ‘unlockdown process’.  While tutorials like Babbling Beasts and even some of the group based Immersive Theatre workshops I deliver could take place outside – these more laptop based ones are probably more suited to an indoor desk space.  Although, I’m happy to explore unusual suggestions.

What about delivery over zoom?

I’m not hugely keen to deliver these as remote-learning courses over zoom as these are generally pitched at the low-tech end it really helps to be able to see what is going on within the room.  Hopefully the free versions here are enough for remote learning?

I may yet make some video tutorials to support these.