DIY Projection Mapping

Update: Realistically I’m not going to find the time (and there’s been no interest) to make this into a full tutorial. So I think I’m going to leave this as it is for now. All the materials I presented on the day are here.

There’s more that I prepared and never used which I’d like to revisit at some point - but it’s probably only going to happen if I run the workshop again - perhaps over 2 days instead of 1.

The next FREE tutorial on here will be about DIY Projection for your Museum.  We’re essentially doing some very basic Projection Mapping on the cheap. Cheap hardware with cheap and easy software.

If you’re interested in getting some simple ‘Interactive Projections’ up on the walls of your galleries this would be right up your street. As with all the the tutorials on here it’s definitely designed for those with little to no technical expertise. We’ll be using Makey-Makeys and Bare Conductive Touch Boards to provide the interactive part (large buttons that attendees can handle or stand on) – with no soldering!

All the tutorials on this site start as workshops that I’ve ran in person. Typically, I write up the early versions of these and then I still offer an extended version that I run in person.  When I find time I try to go back and bring the online tutorial up to date – but this doesn’t always happen unless I get nudged by someone 🙂

Sign up here:

So this workshop will run first at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with Linda Spurdle. And has the working title ‘BMAG BEAMERS’. If you happen to be reading this before Wednesday 25th September 2019 then you can still sign up here:

Sorry, you just missed out – this has happened already. Hopefully we can find a reason to run it again soon!

Materials from the workshop day at BMAG

During the day I ran three sessions:

  • Introduction to Projection & Projection Mapping on a budget,
  • Building Simple Interactions (we made vintage slide projectors, and animated poetry / information displays),
  • Building Advanced Projections (Advanced Animations, Morphing, Projection Mapping, Using Keyboards and Physical Devices and Choose Your Own Adventures).


Okay – so that’s too much material for a single day workshop – but I wanted attendees to see what is possible. I’ll work up a 1 day and a 2 day version of the workshop for the future.

So until I can find time to write this up into a neat tutorial – here are some of the materials I produced for the day:

Intro Session Slides

Projector Basics Handout
Projection Basics – inc Slide Projector
Projectors Advanced – Interaction

I’m afraid this doesn’t cover everything – plus you’re missing out having Linda and I in the room – but hopefully it’s enough to get you started.

An absolutely massive thanks to Linda Spurdle for making this all happen and inspiring DIY Projection in Museums on tiny budgets!  Also thanks to everyone at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for making the venue a wonderful place to work and for having the vision to share their digital content under CC0!!!  You can access that too here: DAMS

Photos from Workshop

A special mention for the wonderful Mar Dixon for not only being a fantastic participant but found time to document and share the day on social media – I’ve used some of her photos to supplement mine!

Videos from the Workshop

This is all the work of our wonderful attendees! Some amazing prototypes and proof of what can be made in tiny amounts of time!





Videos from the development phase

To give you an idea of what we’ll be doing…

Thomas Avery



Simple Projection Mapping #1

Simple Projection Mapping #2

Automated Slide Projector